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Vuzix, always innovating and adapting to create the best product for consumers and enterprise using their optics and Waveguide technologies.

Smart glasses can be used in warehousing, remote support, manufacturing, navigation, entertainment, gaming as well as learning and many more.

The possibilities for this technology are constantly growing and evolving with the changing demands of industry.


  • All M-SERIES Smart glasses supports both the left and right eye.

  • All M-SERIES Smart glasses are mountable on accessories such as safety helmets and more.

Vuzix M4000

The M4000 uses market-leading M400 as a foundation. Having added the revolutionary Waveguide optics to the platform, it enables see-through displays for a more natural viewing state paired with the M-series ergonomic design.

The M4000 is built around the latest technology available and uses the purpose-built Snapdragon XR1 processor by Qualcomm for highest level performance available to smart glasses.

Vuzix M400

The Most Powerful Enterprise Smart Glasses on the Market

The M400 is built for the workplace. It is ergonomically designed for all-day comfort and optimized for harsh environments.

The M400 is the benchmark for the smart glasses industry. Its outstanding camera provides the best field service and vision-picking capabilities on the market. Its ruggedized mechanical design is ideal for users working in harsh environments. It is two-meter drop-tested and IP67 rated for waterproof and dustproof operation.

This flagship device was chosen by Qualcomm to feature their groundbreaking Snapdragon XR1 microprocessor, designed specifically for smart glasses. This microprocessor enables a combination of voice and touchpad navigation for complete control over your device.

The M400 improves processes within many applications such as warehouse logistics, tele-medicine, manufacturing and field service. New apps are constantly being added to the Vuzix Appstore to enhance efficiency, accuracy and the user experience.

Vuzix M300XL

The M300XL is the entry-level smart glasses device in the M-Series product line. These smart glasses provide an agile workplace, with fully connected staff and managers.

These comfortable smart glasses support a range of accessories which make them easily adaptable for operations within warehousing, field service, tele-medicine and manufacturing.

Industry operations are facilitated by the wide-range of apps available, a built-in HD camera, AMLCD display, and more. The M300XL is the ideal workplace companion for managers and business owners seeking to improve efficiency at a lower cost.


Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses are complete with personal protective eyewear support out of the box. They deliver a hands-free connection of the digital world to the real world, providing unprecedented access to location-aware information, data collection, remote support communications with both audio and video, and more.

The Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses is one of the first all self-contained augmented reality smart glasses available. The see-through Waveguide optics merge digital instructions onto real-world tasks, removing distractions, vision occlusion and thereby reducing error rates. At the same time, the wireless device is a complete AV communications tools for remote support applications. Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses safely enable remote operations while maintaining focus on your work and keeping eyes safely protected.

Vuzix Blade upgraded would be more for entertainment purposes.

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