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Empowering by Design


Ovens & Environmental Chambers

We offer various ovens and environmental chambers to suit a wide range of purposes including:

  • Test During Burn-In (TDBI)

  • Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST)

  • Pressure Test

  • Thermal Shock Test

  • Vacuum Test

  • Temperature and Humidity Test

  • Wafer Curing

  • Refrigeration Cooling Systems

  • Walk-in Chambers

  • Reflow Ovens

  • Customized temperature and humidity testing solutions

Pick & Place Automation Systems


We offer various pick and place automation systems with various inputs and outputs including:

  • Burn-in Loaders/Unloaders

    • Automatic Trolley Input/Output

    • Burn-in Boards

    • Jedec Tray/ C-Tray

    • Plastic Tubes

    • Metal Tubes

  • Memory Test Handlers

  • Capacitive Test Handlers

  • SMT Handlers

  • Customized Handlers

  • Box Folding Customized Solutions

Test Accessories & Peripherals


We supply a range of test accessories, peripherals and customized test solutions.

Our products include:

  • Test Sockets and Parts

    • Test Socket Housing

    • Pogo Pins

    • Conductive rubber sockets

    • Test Contacts

    • Socket Inserts

    • Ceramic Contact Pushers

  • Load Boards

  • Burn-in Boards

  • Customized Test Boards

  • Interface Boards

  • Change-Over Kits

  • Automation Trolleys

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